What is Humane Education?

View the What is Humane Education? flash movie on the banner the Institute for Humane Education’s home page!


…a generation with the passion and skills to solve the most pressing challenges of our time, successfully and joyfully.

… if each of us were prepared for our unique role in creating a better world from the time we were born.

…if making humane choices were part of every aspect of our lives.

IMAGINE the world we would create.

Humane education is the key to creating such a world.

Humane education not only instills the desire and capacity to live with compassion, integrity, and wisdom, but also provides the knowledge and tools to put our values into action in meaningful, far-reaching ways.

Humane education enables us to find solutions that work for all by approaching human rights, environmental preservation, and animal protection as interconnected and integral dimensions of a healthy, just society.

Humane education includes 4 elements:

  1. Providing accurate information (so we have the knowledge to face challenges);
  2. Fostering the 3C’s:  curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking (so we have the tools to meet challenges);
  3. Instilling the 3R’s: reverence, respect, and responsibility (so we have the motivation to confront challenges);
  4. Offering positive choices and tools for problem solving (so we will be able to solve challenges).

Humane education may well be the most revolutionary and effective effort that we as a society can undertake to create a peaceful and just world.

It’s time to make living ethically, sustainably, and peaceably on this planet the very purpose of education.


Here is the speech that started it all. The speech, given by Zoe Weil, educator and Founder/President of the Institute for Humane Education, quickly went viral amongst educators for its profound assertion that we can help education our young people in far more exciting ways than we are doing now:

In this second speech by Zoe Weil, we get a provocative look at what it means to be a Solutionary:

…And one more by Zoe Weil (she’s just so great!):


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