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On this page, you’ll find lots of great resources that will help Solutionary Teams do research and create presentations. At the bottom, find information about how to actually get funding for your project (for realsies!).


Research Tools

A Research Guide for Students: a very deep site with lots of great information about doing general research.

Library of Congress Research Tools: A fantastic collection of resources, including the Library of Congress’s own catalogue and an easy-to-use gateway to hundreds of other institutions’ catalogues. Includes historical and legal databases.

World Digital Library: A brilliant collection of online resources organized by geographical location, from books and manuscripts to journals, motion pictures and recordings. A great way for students to diversify their research beyond the written word alone.

Student Research Web Tools: a site replete with lots of great research tools.


Presentation Tools

Cool Tools for Schools: an engaging listing of tools to assist students in collaborating and presenting

SitePoint’s “12 Top Notch Online Presentation Tools

Prezi: one of our favorite tools that puts PowerPoint to shame.

The Total Communicator has great advice when creating group presentations. It’s time to brush up on your public speaking skills!

Six Minutes also has some super guidelines for being successful group presenters.


Budgeting Tools

The project that you present will need a budget listing revenues and expenditures. Here are some tools to help you make yours impressive:

E-how’s Project Management Budgeting Tools: Discusses various ways budgets can be approached and worked.

Community Resource Exchange: this page lists .pdf documents that help with both budgeting and fundraising.

Nonprofit Accounting Basics: a thick page with necessary and helpful information about terms and how to approach budgeting.


Humane Education Resources

Book cover: Most Good, Least Harm

Most Good, Least Harm: A Simple Principle for a Better World and Meaningful Life 

(Beyond Words/Atria, 2009)
Tap into your deepest values to find inner and outer peace and learn to make choices that do the most good and least harm for all people, animals and the earth.
Find out more about Most Good, Least Harm.

The Power & Promise of Humane Education

The Power and Promise of Humane Education 

(New Society Publishers, 2004)
Learn how to bring humane education to others by engaging them, inspiring them, and challenging them to consider the most pressing issues of our time.
Find out more about The Power & Promise of Humane Education.


Funding Sources for Young Solutionaries!

• Gloria Barron Young Heros prize ($5K to individuals ages 8-18).

• Here’s another $6K award for US Based social change newbies ages 18-26 from the Mauro Savio memorial lecture fund.  Read more about it in Our Hen House:


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