Solutionaries are people who save the world. Be inspired on this page by people who are doing just that.

First, please visit the Institute for Humane Education’s Resource Center. They have so many great things there that they cannot be copied here.

You can visit this page to find fantastic links to solutionaries and solutionary organizations: IHE’s Links Page.

If you have information about humane business, people or organizations in Utah, please contact us!

Here is the speech that started it all. The speech, given by Zoe Weil, educator and Founder/President of the Institute for Humane Education, quickly went viral amongst educators for its profound assertion that we can help education our young people in far more exciting ways than we are doing now:

In the following video, The Story of Stuff, with host Annie Leonard, we are taken on an entertaining journey of where much of our “stuff” comes from, and discover a few things about making more humane choices on the way.

In this second speech by Zoe Weil, we get a provocative look at what it means to be a Solutionary:

…And one more by Zoe Weil (she’s just so great!):


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