Hello Friends,

We have put together some evaluation items that judges will be scrutinizing closely. As the April 19 event approaches, you may want to take a close look at these yourself! Since many of these items have already been described on this site in some detail, these should not be too surprising.

  1. The Need
    1. The need for a solution was established effectively.
  2. The Presentation:
    1. The presentation was clear, compelling and convincing.
    2. Printed materials were clear, compelling and convincing.
  3. Research
    1. The quality of research completed informs this project effectively.
    2. A sufficient number and variety of quality sources was consulted.
  4. Activities
    1. The programs and activities required to fulfill this project seem realistic and operable.
    2. The resources required (funds, people, materials, etc.) could be acquired as communicated.
    3. The timeline seems realistic and operable.
  5. Budget
    1. The budget (revenues and expenditures) seems realistic and operable.



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