Utah: Site for Pilot Solutionaries Congress

Press Release

From:          David Sidwell, Institute for Humane Education

To:              All Media

Subj:          Solutionaries Congress

Utah Chosen as Site for Solutionaries Congress

The Institute for Humane Education, a national organization devoted to creating a more humane world, has selected Utah to be the place of their first Solutionaries Congress. This promises to be an event like no other, gathering teams of high school students to accomplish an amazing thing…

They will save the world.

Utah teachers of grades 8 – 12 are invited to participate by gathering “Solutionary Teams” who will present ideas for solving the world’s problems at the Congress, which will be held on (or near) April 20, 2013 (site to be decided). The ideas presented can address local, regional or even global issues such in education, the environment, human rights and more.  Leaders at the Institute for Humane Education (IHE) have their eye on Utah, hoping to learn much in preparing for a larger national event in Washington DC in subsequent years.

“It’s such a privilege to work with the Institute for Humane Education, especially Zoe Weil, whose speeches on YouTube have caused an optimistic fervor about the purposes of education,” explained the Solutionaries Congress Director, David Sidwell, a resident of River Heights, Utah and adjunct professor at Utah State University. “I think Utah has gained a reputation for having outstanding students who really want to help the world be a better place.”

Educational strategists and policy makers often insist that one of the main goals of education is to prepare learners for the world of work and to help them become engaged, knowledgable citizens. The Institute for Humane Education, however, goes well beyond this:

“The problem is, that purpose of schooling is too small,” explained IHE President Zoe Weil. “We need a bigger vision for the purpose of schooling.” Education, in her mind, should be to “graduate a generation of solutionaries who have the tools, creativity and motivation to solve the world’s problems.” In so doing, successful learners inherently become effective citizens, leaders, parents, artists, policy-makers, business owners, teachers and more. The hope is that these students will then continue this life-long pursuit of learning and doing good in the world.

“This Solutionaries Congress is an attempt at doing just that.” declared Sidwell.

The skills required for learner success, Sidwell explained, are naturally developed as students research, collaborate, create and communicate solutions that will make our world a more humane, healthy place to live.

Using “most good, least harm” practices espoused by the Institute for Human Education, students learn to create a caring, humane world while developing vital skills they will need in all areas of curriculum from arts and biology to zoology, from language arts to math and science and beyond. Personal and professional skills include effective researching, writing, public speaking, problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution and collaboration, cooperation and others, all in a practical, engaging and authentic context.

To find out more information about the Solutionaries Congress, or to express interesting gathering a team together, you may contact David Sidwell: dr.davidsidwell (at) gmail.com .